Welcome to EnviroGen’s User Manual

The [Enviro]ment [Gen]erator program.

EnviroGen is a utility package to create highly customised image stacks which can loaded as the environment for REvoSim runs. The package allows image stacks to be created using a number of different algorithms, and thus individual variables (e.g. rate of change, complexity) to be isolated and their impact on simulations studied. It also contains several convenience functions: for example, it allows noise image stacks to be created, two image stacks to be combined, uniform coloured stacks to be created, and a stack to be created from a single image.




Relevant references

Garwood, R.J., Spencer A.R.T. and Sutton, M.D., 2019. REvoSim: Organism-level simulation of macro- and microevolution. Palaeontology. https://doi.org/10.1111/pala.12420