4.5. Information BarΒΆ

At the bottom of the GUI - below the population and environment views - is an information bar, which provides an overview of a number of elements of the current simulation. This is updated every polling generation. The statistics it provides are:

Batch:When RevoSim is running in batch mode, this shows how many runs are completed out of the total number requested.
Iteration:The number of iterations that had been completed since the start of the simulation at the last polling interval.
Iterations per hour:
 This provides an indication of the speed at which RevoSim is running, and thus it is realtively easy to calculate how long any given run will take.
Organisms:This is a count of the total number of digital organisms alive at the last polling iteration.
Milliseconds per iteration:
 This is an alternative measure of speed.
Mean fitness:This is the mean fitness of all living organisms in the simulation at the last polling iteration.
Species:If species tracking is on, this will provide the number of species at last poll once a speciation event has occurred.
Environment:This is the index of the current environmental image, along with the total number that have been loaded. By default REvoSim loads with a single environmental image.

This is printed to the terminal when REvoSim simulations are initiated from the command line in Unix builds of the software (Windows lacks this functionality).