10.2. Custom Random Numbers

REvoSim employs a pre-generated table of 65,536 random numbers 0–255 which it uses by default during the simulation, both for speed and to avoid potential biases from pseudo-random number generators. 10Mb of quantum-generated random numbers from randomnumbers.info are packaged into the executable and used to generate this table on load (i.e. different runs will have different random numbers, based on the quantum-generated random numbers); these can be replaced with any other random number file preferred by the user.

To load a custom file of random numbers use the ‘Commands > Load Random Numbers…’ command from the main menu to open a file selection dialog.


Custom Random Number file open dialog.

The random number file should be encoded as a random binary string, and should be a minimum of 65536 bytes. Once the desired file is selected press the ‘Open’ button to import the new random numbers. REvoSim will then ask for a byte offset to read the file from (thus allowing runs to be repeated with the same random numbers, if desired).


Custom Random Number byte offset form.

Note that REVOSIM will always read 65536 bytes; and will throw an error message if it cannot.


Custom Random Number error on load message.

On success a pop-up message reading “New random numbers read successfully” will appear.